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Questions From Jane – Author Talk Extra #2

Jane from Dear Author wrote an interesting opinion piece on Book Trailers.  As an author who made a book trailer (for my book Hitting The Mark), I also wonder about whether they’re effective marketing tools.  Most (if not all) of the readers concurred with Jane – trailers never really made readers all that interested in buying a book.    

Jane sent us a list of questions, and we were excited to see that they were in true AT fashion, so we had to reply in video.  Check it out:

This was great fun to do – thanks Jane!  You can read Jane’s full article and all the comments here.

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HelenKay Dimon Behind The Scenes

Until this interview, all of our authors have lived in easy driving distance to our homes in Oklahoma City.  HelenKay insists on living in some placed called…California.  Despite the rule that wherever you are in the continental US you’re within 24 hours of Oklahoma, HelenKay just didn’t want to drive.  Have I mentioned how authors are difficult?

Then, while gazing at her website I noticed she has this whole phone theme going on…and the telephone interview idea blossomed.

Of course making that idea into reality was a lot harder.  HelenKay’s interview was originally going to be our 3rd or 4th.  Then our fifth – but she always had some reason why the video was never in my inbox.  Something about the flu, and then some nonsense about taking care of the paying job first…but finally I received the notice that it had been successfully uploaded to youtube.

I will say that Gena and I were extremely impressed with HelenKay – she actually memorized her lines.  WE don’t even do that.

If you’re wondering about the towels, pajamas and face cream, that’s our normal author working attire.  While we were filming Rachel Vincent’s interview, she casually mentioned how most authors prefer to look their best in public – that’s when we KNEW what our “costumes” would be for this episode.  Hope you enjoyed it.

HelenKay Dimon is a great author and really, a fantastic actress.  To see the phone thing for yourself, you can check her website here and buy Right Here, Right Now here.  Look for Hard As Nails – which hits bookstores in July 2008.

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HelenKay Dimon Author Talk Interview #6

Okay, finally – we have a new Author Talk.  Silly me, I thought talking with an author one-on-one was difficult, this author made things even more difficult.

Look for the the Behind The Scenes on Monday.


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The Crime of Romance Novels

Phantom PleasuresIn our first Author Talk Extra, we responded to a comment from James who thought all the time and energy spent on romance novels was a crime.  James, we just have to thank you for exposing romance novel crime.  Today, we’re going to profile one of the books in our video – Phantom Pleasures by Julie Leto.

Book Description: A hotel developer who wants to turn an abandoned island into an exclusive resort unwittingly unleashes a phantom cursed centuries ago-a spectral man who turns her secret desires into reality…

Phantom Pleasures

You can buy this book here and visit Julie’s website here and her blog here.

Are you an author whose books have also been committing crimes?  Drop us an e-mail, and tell us all about it.

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Author Talk Extra #1

One of the problems with e-mail is that people ask you questions and expect you to answer them. Here Jill and Gena tackle some of the most recent questions asked at Author Talk.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re offended by bleeped out curse words, maybe you’d like to watch a different video.


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Kresley Cole – Author Talk #5

 Sometimes authors just need a little “help” finding their way into an Author Talk interview. Here Jill Monroe and Kresley Cole discuss her latest paranormal romances and Gena Showalter adds her own unique interpretation of Kresley’s impressive career.

Special thanks goes to Candace Havens for her wonderful camera work.


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Kresley Cole Behind The Scenes

Shortly after the filming of Kresely Cole’s Author Talk interview, Gena Showalter sent me a photo she’d taken of her legs.  She claimed they were discolored with deep, dark bruises from the taping of certain scenes.  Frankly, I can’t see much of anything in this photo, but gave her my requisite sympathy anyway.  

Gena\'s \

You can view Kresley Cole’s full video here.  Watch for extra dance scenes that didn’t make it into the interview – coming soon!

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Rachel Vincent – Author Talk #4

Interviewer’s Note: Finally!  An author who takes my work seriously.  I mean, she’s still an author, and therefore, REALLY difficult, but all and all, pretty okay to work with.   You can visit Rachel’s website by going here

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P.C. and Kristin Cast – Author Talk #3

Two Authors – Twice As Difficult!

Visit PC at PC’s Website or The House of Night Site 

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Cast Behind The Scenes

Shortly after publishing the PC and Kristin Cast video, we began receiving comments and e-mails wondering if the interview was a joke and how could I be so rude to PC and Kristin because they are such fabulous writers.  PC had to get on her blog and explain that the interview was a spoof (although I do take my job as an interviewer very seriously) and everything calmed down.

Most House of Night readers are teenagers and young adults, and probably haven’t developed the cynicism and irony that those of us who’ve worked in the corporate world enjoy.

Ahhh, youth.  I think how wonderful it must be to not yet be jaded by mortgages, customer service training and mandatory fun days at work.  Then I remember angst, my dad’s arbitrary curfews and not having my own car and suddenly I’m fine with it.

So young ones, feel free to call me rude while you can and read House of Night – I know you’ll love it!   

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