Cast Behind The Scenes

Shortly after publishing the PC and Kristin Cast video, we began receiving comments and e-mails wondering if the interview was a joke and how could I be so rude to PC and Kristin because they are such fabulous writers.  PC had to get on her blog and explain that the interview was a spoof (although I do take my job as an interviewer very seriously) and everything calmed down.

Most House of Night readers are teenagers and young adults, and probably haven’t developed the cynicism and irony that those of us who’ve worked in the corporate world enjoy.

Ahhh, youth.  I think how wonderful it must be to not yet be jaded by mortgages, customer service training and mandatory fun days at work.  Then I remember angst, my dad’s arbitrary curfews and not having my own car and suddenly I’m fine with it.

So young ones, feel free to call me rude while you can and read House of Night – I know you’ll love it!   

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