The Crime of Romance Novels

Phantom PleasuresIn our first Author Talk Extra, we responded to a comment from James who thought all the time and energy spent on romance novels was a crime.  James, we just have to thank you for exposing romance novel crime.  Today, we’re going to profile one of the books in our video – Phantom Pleasures by Julie Leto.

Book Description: A hotel developer who wants to turn an abandoned island into an exclusive resort unwittingly unleashes a phantom cursed centuries ago-a spectral man who turns her secret desires into reality…

Phantom Pleasures

You can buy this book here and visit Julie’s website here and her blog here.

Are you an author whose books have also been committing crimes?  Drop us an e-mail, and tell us all about it.

Posted by:  Jill Monroe

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3 responses to “The Crime of Romance Novels

  1. Hmmm…I’m so ashamed (not.) My book is guilty, I am guilty! Crimes of passion abound. Lying, cheating, stealing, sexual positions that have been banned in several states. Yes, I’m guilty! Guilty, I tell you.

    You guys are like 20/20. I’ve been caught red-handed. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Thereasa

    You know what the real crime is: That most men don’t read romance novels. It would give them so many insights on how to keep, get, and pleasure women and as every man knows, if a woman is pleasured, romance is never a waste of time. BTW James, sometimes, we like to be treated like criminals so we are deliberatley bad girls.

  3. Thereasa

    I did not put this in the email b4, but your book sounds great Julie. Thank you for the time you spend on writing and coming up with ways to take us out of this world.

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