Questions From Jane – Author Talk Extra #2

Jane from Dear Author wrote an interesting opinion piece on Book Trailers.  As an author who made a book trailer (for my book Hitting The Mark), I also wonder about whether they’re effective marketing tools.  Most (if not all) of the readers concurred with Jane – trailers never really made readers all that interested in buying a book.    

Jane sent us a list of questions, and we were excited to see that they were in true AT fashion, so we had to reply in video.  Check it out:

This was great fun to do – thanks Jane!  You can read Jane’s full article and all the comments here.

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6 responses to “Questions From Jane – Author Talk Extra #2

  1. Thanks for allowing me to be part of AT. It was great to see the final result. I can’t wait to see more of your videos.

  2. Evelyn

    Ack! I love all your author talks! They are so funny, I can’t wait for more.
    I just read ‘The Darkest Night’ my favorite book by Gena so far…it…was…so…good…(I’m still drooling, can’t wait for the next one)

    Q:What are some of the worst romance novels you’ve read? Or disappointments of the book?
    (this is asked on the heels of someone who just earlier picked up something promising and was throughly disgusted and disappointed)

    Q:Gena, which Lords do you plan to do next after the three that come out this year?

    Q:Would you guys ever interview authors of other generas, or cross genras?

    Q:Whats your opinion on male romance authors? (Are they real? Know any good ones, I can only think of one)

  3. Just a note about book trailers, since that topic was mentioned, hope you don’t mind.

    Booksellers, such as Sue Grimshaw at Borders, have been quoted saying that trailers are popular with readers. was so impressed with the effectiveness of trailers they now have their own BN Studio and even have genre channels like Reader’s Entertainment TV does.

    Booksellers, who watch the ratio of “view to buy”, are making even more room on their website to allow for more video. This isn’t co-op, it is taken as content. Their decision to make more, not less, room for book video is based on stats and facts. It’s not based on opinion or a swift look around YouTube. Not saying that you are or anyone commenting is, just making the comparison here.

    As of this month our trailers are taken by off line venues as well. They are seen in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Chicago and Orlando to the tune of about 10 million impressions per video. And here is the important part to note, since it speaks to the growing popularity of trailers, our videos are being used as “content” and we don’t pay anything to place them. As a matter of fact we get kickbacks for supplying video in the form of free advertising for our company. (As a side note, we waived our free advertising and donated it to give a message encouraging people to read instead).

    I was going to put stats and facts on Dear Author, but everyone was having such a great time talking about the AuthorTalk video it just felt wrong to intrude with something so heavy as stats and long winded comments. LOL Instead I came here! I actually just meant to check out the shows, but then saw your comment and felt need to participate.

    So, to make a long comment…well…longer, I really wanted to say how much I totally LOVE your AuthorTalk videos! If you’re ever interested in having your show put on Reader’s Entertainment TV I hope you’ll contact me!!

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  5. Thanks Sheila for all your information, and of course we don’t mind you posting it here. It’s nice seeing the industry side of this discussion.

    I do know that I’ve had readers in the past who’ve told me they purchased my book Hitting The Mark specifically because of the book trailer, and I’ve heard other authors say that as well, so it was very interesting for me to read the thoughts of the readers on Dear Author.

    As for my own thoughts – as viewers of Author Talk know – I don’t have opinions.

  6. Evelyn,

    Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed Darkest Night. I’m working on the 4th Lord book now and it’s Sabin’s story. After that I’ll write Aeron’s story, and then Paris’s. And then maybe Torin’s (just depends on who’s story comes to me)

    There are fabulous male romance writers out there! Check out Mel Odom.

    As for books I’ve read that disappoint, I have to say I’ve been fortunate. Everything I’ve picked up lately, I’ve adored. Dark Needs at Night’s Edge by Kresley Cole, amazing. Warrior Rising by PC Cast, fabulous. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, enthralling. Rogue by Rachel Vincent, exciting. 🙂

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