CJ Lyons Author Talk Interview #7

Jill and Gena interview Dr. CJ Lyons about her cutting edge (yes, I said cutting – she’s a doctor, right) medical thriller.

From Lifelines: July first, the most dangerous day of the year.

I only thought authors were dangerous, but couple that with a writer doctor and you have one scary situation.  Look for the Behind The Scenes on Monday.


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4 responses to “CJ Lyons Author Talk Interview #7

  1. Danielle

    Like I said once before Jill — your a riot you should have your own TV show (with Gena of course). This was just too funny for words — blooooood!?!?!?!?

  2. Great video! Very funny. Plus, now I want to read the CJ’s book. I’ll see if I can pick it up tomorrow. What happens if someone says, blood inside got outside?

    Also, maybe Gena could follow up with CJ about the voice thing.

  3. Jen

    LOL!!! Awesome! And DOCTOR CJ Lyons looks like a great read.
    blood blood blood blood!!!

  4. Jill, how cute and innocent you look in those pastel scrubs! And Gena, how practically intellectual! Loved it as usual.

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