An End To The Chastisement

Gena and I recently attended the annual conference of Romance Writer’s of America in San Francisco.  I’m not afraid to tell you that several people came up to me to chastise me for the lack of posts for the last few weeks.  Greatly.  

I quickly fell into a shame spiral, which Gena made worse, but to help me back out of it…here’s an actual post.  With information, a pretty picture and an announcement.  FIRST, we filmed 4 author interviews while at conference, and an Author Talk Extra.  

We’ll be posting the first interview this Friday, and follow it up with an interview every Friday for the rest of August.  This will be in sharp contrast to our every other Friday schedule of posting or the no posting at all, which brought on the angry words.  And really, they were angry. 

When we first began Author Talk, it was just two girls and a video camera.  But we quickly realized we needed some extra help.  Beth Wilson (who does our scheduling, but mainly works for Gena) was the first to join us.  Next was Candace Havens.  As seasoned radio personality this makes her perfect for camera work.  She’s also an amazing author, and Charmed & Ready comes out TODAY! 

Now here’s the part with the pretty picture.  

 A witch’s work is never done!

Bronwyn’s finally found someone to love—and almost gotten him killed. But before she can nurse him—maybe just a little bit naughtily—back to health, she’s got to guard a rock star from some creepy warlocks. 

You can read more about Candy at her website here, and buy her book here.


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3 responses to “An End To The Chastisement

  1. I can’t wait to see the interviews, and I was there. (At least I think I was. It all seems so surreal last night.) Thank you so much for putting up the pretty picture of my book.

    I would say I love you, but you wouldn’t believe me. But I REALLY really do. 🙂


  2. Jen

    Very cool!!!! I can’t wait to see the interviews.

  3. Great book cover, Candace!

    Looks like witches are the next big thang.

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