Crystal Jordan Author Talk #13


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14 responses to “Crystal Jordan Author Talk #13

  1. A librarian writing “naughty” books. My day has been made.

  2. mskendrae

    “act with decorum” roflmao I love Author Talk. I get a laugh every time! Oh and sometimes I want to read the books. *snicker*

  3. Shhh!

    That was so much fun to do! Thanks for having me, Jill and Gena!

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  5. I’m a little disappointed with the broken promise of beefcake.

  6. Hey, I brought beef pie! They were out of beefcake at the store!

  7. Jen

    LMAO Crystal. Beef cake, beef pie, what’s the difference?
    What a great author talk.

  8. another homerun ladies!

    But no beefcake..waaaaaaaaaa

  9. I too find I lament the misunderstanding about the beefcake. But I enjoyed the naughty librarian anyway. And I was oddly touched by Gena’s reaction to your guest when she was able to so quickly mention a book of hers.

    Very funny. Again.

  10. AJ O'Donovan

    Yay i love you ladies! And Crystal, you totally rocked this interview.

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  12. Jax

    I was waiting for the whole Librarian tie-in with your books… LOL

    Funny stuff!

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