Roxanne St. Claire Author Talk #14

Our first in our Author Talk On Tour series.  Here we are on the beautiful Florida beaches!


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10 responses to “Roxanne St. Claire Author Talk #14

  1. Ya’ll crack me up!

    And I’ll answer. EVERY Gena Showalter book is my favorite 🙂

  2. I call shenanigans!

    Great job, Rocki. I am so glad you survived Author Talk. You’re obviously bullet proof! xoxo

  3. This might be the funniest one yet! If only you could’ve gotten Rocki into a white swimsuit and corn rows like Bo Derrick for the running on the beach scene…

  4. Elly Soar

    that was awesome! I agree though, what happened to our standard questions?!

  5. Dru

    This was a funny one.

  6. Excellent. I was on the edge of my seat during the catching a bullet scene.

    Do you have a URL for the acting school?

    I live for Fridays.

  7. Dev

    Another good one!!! Although, Roxanne didn’t answer the question. What is her favorite Gena Showalter novel???

  8. I could sit and watch these all day!

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