Merline Lovelace Author Talk #17


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7 responses to “Merline Lovelace Author Talk #17

  1. Danielle D

    You outdid your self again — love the gimme 40!!!

  2. Love it! Merline rocks. And wow, is she strict.

  3. Faith Richards

    Awesome, I laughed the whole way through. Actually, not the whole way. Those two books sound absolutely wonderful! I want them NOW!

  4. Library Addict

    Loved how Jill & Gena couldn’t remember her rank or where she served – LOL. And Merline’s “scowl” face.

    Ive been a fan of Merline Lovelace since she started publishing. Thanks for the fun interview.

  5. What fun! I can’t wait until I am famous enough to be tortured–er, I mean featured, on author talk. You ladies rock!

  6. Loved it! More! Keep up the good work.

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