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Behind The Scenes With Merline Lovelace

As a mentor to the both of us, Merline had EXACTING standards.  I’m not really sure what that means, but Gena and I share them!

When not correcting me on the proper way to perform a sit-up, Merline is a USA Today Bestselling Author.  Her new book, The Hello Girl, hits bookstands April.

the-hello-girlAll that’s standing in the way of the Dunbars’ divorce is Brian Dunbar’s unwillingness to sign the papers. And though his wife, Lieutenant Colonel Anne Dunbar, loves him as madly as she did on their wedding day eleven years ago, their differences—intensified by the pressures of career and family—are irreconcilable. Or so she thinks.

When a long-lost file lands on Anne’s desk, she learns some unexpected lessons about love and trust from the remarkable story of a World War I “Hello Girl” telephone operator. Marie Reynaud fought valiantly for love—a love immortalized in diary entries that transcended war and time. A love inspiring enough to save Anne’s marriage? 

You can visit Merline on the web here and buy The Hello Girl here.

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