Buy One – Get One Free

Do you like seeing BOGO as much as we do?

Well now you can get Jill Monroe’s November 1st Harlequin Blaze, SEALed and Delivered, in a BOGO deal straight from Harlequin – but don’t delay – the sales only lasts today, October 27th until 11:49 EST.

Here’s the link:

And here’s the code: TWOFORONE

We’re going to pick up some great books right now! Happy Reading!


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2 responses to “Buy One – Get One Free

  1. LOVE these interviews!

    When is Marjorie Liu going to be featured?!?!

  2. Sue

    I must point out one little disturbing fact before I partake. BOGO should be BOGOF. BOGO is merely getting the one you buy 😉 I’m off to get the freebie though now that I’ve left you to think about it.

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