We’ve been asked quite a few questions, so now everything is all together in this handy FAQ.
What Kind of Equipment do you use for Author Talk?
For filming, Jill uses a Sony Video Camera. All editing is done on her Mac, with the primary software Final Cut Express HD. Music and sound effects are all off of SoundTrack or GarageBand. Jill can also spend countless hours searching the sound effects for purchase websites.
Jill dreams of one day purchasing a sturdy tripod that is not a thousand pounds and Gena can’t break.
Has Gena ever broken the tripod?
Yes, twice. 
How Can I Be On Author Talk?
Contact the AT Manager (currently Beth Wilson) at ATManager @ authortalk.tv
Where Is Author Talk Filmed?
Jill and Gena live in Oklahoma City and most of the segments are shot there. However, Jill’s trusty video camera is brought to many conferences including Dallas Area Romance in April of 2008 and RWA National in July 2008 where segments will be filmed. She dreams of one day owning a hardcase camera suitcase.
How long does it take you to make each Author Talk?  
Each Author Talk segment takes approximately 10 hours of production time including writing the script, filming, editing, uploading, etc.
Is There A Cost?
We ask you to help cover expenses.