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CJ Lyons Behind The Scenes

As a writer, wardrobe is an important concern when going to work.  Pajamas?  The robe?  Sweats?  This interview with Dr. CJ Lyons provided a new options – scrubs.  I cannot believe how comfortable they are.  Plus, there are all these pockets – a million places to stuff thing.  It’s really a whole new world.  

But the best thing about scrubs…when you wear them, people think you’re important.  Try it – go to the grocery store in scrubs.  Hit the mall – no one thinks you’re underdressed, they just think you’re cool.  

I borrowed my scrubs from a friend, a dental hygienist.  Dr. Lyons pointed out a rather large stain on the pocket, which she said was against OSHA standards (as it should be).  Of course on the way home, I had a really hard time focusing on my driving because I just couldn’t stop thinking about that stain.  What heinous procedure performed on some sad soul caused such a potent bodily fluid to leave its permanent mark on the top? (Ugh – I’ll be right back.)

I did try to tell CJ that the human body had 2006 bones, but she was pretty sure that there were only 206.  That’s probably the kind of stuff you learn in medical school.  I’m sure at one point during the interview, Dr CJ was thinking to herself, “I passed my MCAT, years of medical school, crushing student loans and residency…only to be interviewed by these two?”

But to make CJ feel better, we reminded her that she’s a Romantic Times TOP PICK, and Publisher’s Weekly said, “A spot-on debut….Lyons delivers a breathtakingly fast-paced medical thriller.” 

Lifelines by CJ Lyons

About LifelinesThe lives of four women will intersect as they meet the challenges of saving lives, finding love and developing friendships despite their differences and the secrets they each try to protect.

The bonds these women form surpass mere friendship as they become each other’s heroes, helping to save lives, avoid heart ache and face their worst fears.

You can visit CJ’s website here, her blog here and most importantly, purchase Lifelines by going here.

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CJ Lyons Author Talk Interview #7

Jill and Gena interview Dr. CJ Lyons about her cutting edge (yes, I said cutting – she’s a doctor, right) medical thriller.

From Lifelines: July first, the most dangerous day of the year.

I only thought authors were dangerous, but couple that with a writer doctor and you have one scary situation.  Look for the Behind The Scenes on Monday.


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