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I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the Rita finalists have been announced and there are some very recognizable names on that list – Špeople we’ve interviewed on Author Talk.  Yes, no coincidence at all.

Here’s a round of congrats to:

Kresley Cole:
Linda Goodnight
Carolyn Jewel
Nora Roberts
and the actress JD Robb

The new “season” of Author Talk should be starting soon, and we’re excited to get our new videos out.  In the meantime, here are some of the videos from our Rita nominees – congrats again!

Kresley Cole

Linda Goodnight:

Carolyn Jewel:

Nora Roberts:

Vicki Lewis Thompson with special appearance by the actress JD Robb:

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Linda Goodnight and Jordan Dane Behind The Scenes

This is the first post Gena has made at Author Talk.  I’m wondering how much of a mistake this will be…


First, I think it bears mentioning (again) that I wasn’t given enough scenes.  A travesty, I know.  Several videos back I realized my true calling: more camera time.  I thought, what better time to go for it than in front of witnesses?  Wrong!  After hearing rumors about sticks and murders, I decided not to push my luck and just took the measly bits I was offered.

From the very beginning of this shoot, one thing became very clear: Jill Monroe was right, authors are difficult.  (Would that actually qualify as two things?)   They leave before filming is over, demand water while I’m busy curling my hair, and become angry when my research about them and their books proves to be a teeeeny bit wrong.   (Who knew the name Jordan Dane would be given to a woman?  And really, I feel very strongly that Linda Goodnight wanted her true RITA feelings revealed.)

No, to be honest, filming with Jill was a blast.  Jordan and Linda were amazing sports, allowing us to insult and harass include them with smiles on their faces.  The audience, too, was top notch.  We didn’t have to pay them (much) to laugh at our jokes.   Next time, though, I’m paying extra asking the crowd to cheer for me and boo Monroe.  If I’m still alive, that is. . . 

Once again, thanks to Linda Goodnight, whose Winning The Single Mom’s Heart hits bookstores July 8, 2008.

Single mom Natalie juggles creating fantastic cakes for the Wedding Belles with raising her troublesome twins. But her hard-won independence means she won’t be decorating her own cake anytime soon….

Cooper Sullivan is a winner. He’s competitive and at the top of his career. A new job leads him back to Natalie’s door. Seeing her again after so many years makes Cooper realize that the only thing he never won—and the only thing that really matters—is Natalie’s heart…. 

You can visit Linda’s website here, her blog here, and buy her book here.

Jordan Dane’s latest, No One Lives Forever is already on bookshelves.

Born to a life pitted by violence, a man desperately seeks peace to move on. He’s fallen in love with a Chicago homicide detective, but just when he embarks on a new life, his old one comes calling. A mysterious and beautiful assassin barges into his downtown Chicago flat, attempting to collect on an old marker. She confesses the true identity of his crime boss father—a name kept secret by his mother—and begs his help to free the man kidnapped in Brazil. The ransom note gives him only ten days to attempt an impossible rescue. Will he risk his future to discover his past? 

You can visit her website here, her blog here and buy No One Lives Forever here.

To learn more about the Red River Romance Writers, visit their site here.

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Linda Goodnight and Jordan Dane Author Talk Interview #9 – Live In Studio

This was something new for us – filming in front of a live audience.  


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