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Jill Monroe – Author Talk #2


Interviewer’s Note: Once again, I’m interviewing a rather difficult author. Even less professional than the last.

 Primal Instincts

By Jill Monroe

ISBN: 0373793820 

Publisher: Harlequin

 Primal Instincts

Who are they to argue with biology?

Subject A, photojournalist Ian Cole, is sent to ghostwrite a book on sex in various cultures. Instead of finding a white-haired professor, he is greeted by Subject B, anthropologist Ava Simms, wearing only a teeny loincloth and body paint….


Sexual energy between subjects increases exponentially. Note the male’s quickened breathing and barely restrained urge to do lusty and inappropriate things.

The female, in turn, decides to demonstrate her extensive knowledge of seduction, play and ritual…claiming it’s “research.” The results? Neither Subject A nor B want the study to end….

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