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Vicki Lewis Thompson Behind The Scenes

After interviewing tens of tens of authors, my original premise that authors are difficult still stands.  Only now I can add a new element…actresses are difficult, too.  They don’t want to play their assigned roles or even wear their nametags (as seen at the end of the Vicki Lewis Thompson interview here).  

A few years ago, I purchased my very first Blaze novel.  It was Notorious by none other than Vicki Lewis Thompson.  I was hooked, and knew immediately THIS was the kind of book I wanted to write.  Of course, I paid Vicki Lewis Thompson back by asking her inappropriate questions in our interview, and sort of kind of promising Nora Roberts would show up during our interview.  Maybe it was a good thing she walked out before the interrogation was complete since all we had to give her was the bottle of water Gena was holding.

Vicki is not only a New York Times Bestselling author she is also one class act!!!  

Vicki’s newest series is her Hex Series – stories about matchmaking witches and wizards.  And trust me, you don’t want to ask if t hey went to Hogwarts.  Over Hexed kicked it all off just last year.  Banished. Until their unconventional techniques landed them in hot water, Dorcas and Ambrose were thematchmaking sex therapists for lovelorn witches and wizards. The Grand High Wizard has exiled them to the very conventional and unmagical town of Big Knob, Indiana, Pop. 947. But that doesn’t mean they’ve given up matchmaking…

Now they’re doing it for mere mortals—although all agree: Sean Madigan is something of a god. Because he’s tired of being the town sex object, Dorcas and Ambrose strip him of his appeal and then introduce him to his destiny, Maggie Grady. This time winning a girl’s heart won’t be so easy for Sean. It means rediscovering the charms buried beneath a gorgeous surface.  You can purchase Over Hexed by going here.


Wild and Hexy hit bookstands in June.  Vicki describes the story line beautifully in the video, but here’s a quick synopsis.  

After gaining twenty pounds, former Dairy Festival Queen Annie Winston dreads going back to Big Knob, Indiana. But Annie hasn’t changed half as much as her home town ever since Dorcas and Ambrose Lowell moved in. Former matchmakers for witches and wizards, they’re now plying their unconventional trade for humans—and they have the perfect match for Annie: shy computer whiz Jeremy Dunstan, who’s always lusted after Annie. Now he’s got a second chance—if only something could help him unleash his wild side.

You can purchase Wild & Hexy here.

Next up in March 2009 is Casual Hex.  And believe me, this is hard to say, even for a seasoned, professional journalist like myself.  Go on – say it.  

Wallflower Gwen Dubois is shocked to find herself desired by two men — a bad-boy fairy prince (Leo) and a gorgeous French botanist (Marc).  Matchmaking witch and wizard Dorcas and Ambrose Lowell pit their magic powers against Prince Leo’s to make sure Gwen’s soul mate Marc wins the day.  Even George the Dragon gets into the fight.  You can pre-order Casual Hex (say it fast) by going here.  

A computer screen doesn’t due this cover justice – it’s gorgeous!

You can visit Vicki Lewis Thompson’s website here.  Vicki also blogs!  Join her along with Rhonda Nelson and Jennifer LaBrecque at The Soapbox Queens.

Turns out the actress we hired is kind of a big deal…go figure.  Sometimes you just luck out.  To learn more about our actress go here


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Vicki Lewis Thompson Author Talk Interview #10

She’s been with Regis and Kelly, now she’s with us!

Gena and I would like to honor Vicki Lewis Thompson, winner of the Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award, with this interview – we even have a special guest.


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