Candace Havens Author Talk #16


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24 responses to “Candace Havens Author Talk #16

  1. Awesome, Candace! Looks like y’all had fun.


  2. Jeannie Guzman

    Candy, you’re the best. Really, you should be in the movies. Way to go!

  3. Ruby Johnson

    All I can say is that Jill and Gena should stick to writing novels and forget screen plays and acting.
    Candi has a better chance at acting!

  4. Well done you three. What a hoot! Congratulations!


  5. OMG. so funny! I thought of Gena and Jill as such quiet people. Well, you know that saying…is it still waters run deep, or be careful of the quiet ones…well, never mind, it is something like that.

    As for the memoir, yup, definitely a memoir Candy no matter how much you try to deny it! After all, didn’t you do those essay books for Ben Bella? Oh, wait those were about Buffy. Never mind.

    I’m going now…quietly…too much work to do…I’ll sneak back later to check out the other videos. Promise!

    Sara Reyes…for today’s reader

  6. Candy, darling, I love you and I love your books but two simultaneous careers are enough. I don’t see an Academy Award in your future. I just finished The Demon King and I; you did a really fine job with it. Keep up the good work. Gina and Jill, fun interview. Thanks for doing that for one of my very favorite people.

  7. Great interview, Jillian

    Seriously, next stop is THE DEMON KING AND I sounds wickedly enticing.

  8. Candy! You didn’t tell me it was a memoir?! I totally bought it was just a piece of fiction, not your real-life adventures. How cool is it you can dimension-jump?! No wonder you can keep the schedule you do and get all that stuff done, along with saving the universe. I so want to be you when I grow up!!!

    Party on!
    – Heidi

  9. Funny interview! Def see an Oscar in Candy’s future!!

  10. So is she or isn’t she a demon assassin? I’m going with “yes” (because Candy is such a sweetheart, it’s the perfect disguise for an assassin ….). Thanks for “outing” her, Jill and Gena.

  11. ROFLMAO…you guys did a great job!!! So much fun, Candy!

  12. Candy, you crack me up – big time!

  13. Too funny. Guess we better all buy a copy of The Demon King and I for everyone we know – just in case it turns out Candy is in fact an assassin 😉

  14. Haha! That was great and entertaining. I especially liked your head photo shopped in that picture, Candy, that tickled me!

  15. Shannon

    That was too funny! Cute change of pace for an interview.

    Candy, you will have to pass on how to do that thumb trick to the forehead. I would use it on a few people…lol.

  16. Barbara Elness

    Love Author Talk – it’s always so funny. Candace you did a great job and Gena and Jill were hilarious as usual. The fact that no one is a “professional” actor makes it all the more fun. Looking forward to picking up The Demon King and I, can’t wait to read it!

  17. Yay!! Another interview. I’ve been so deprived. Candace, you are one awesome lady. Also, I would like to know the thumb trick, too.

  18. What fun! First, kill all the interviewers…Shakespeare said that, right?
    Great job, ladies. And I’ve read the book–it’s clearly a memoir!

  19. That was funny.
    Was there supposed to be a guest appearance from the Demon King? 😀

    Hugs, Danette

  20. sidhevicious

    ROTFLOL, that was great! 😀 Candace, you were awesome and a pretty good sport, lol. Gena and Jill were a blast as always.

    I can’t wait to read The Demon King & I!! I too can think of many uses for the thumb trick, if you’re ever giving classes, sign me up.

    Hugs, Judi – Sidhe Vicious

  21. LOL! Candace, you made my morning!

    Robin 🙂

  22. Candy, Gena and Jill – hilarious! I’ve already read The Demon King and I, and loved it!!


  23. ROFL! This was so much fun! Loved it, Candy, Jill, and Gena!

  24. Great interview! All I can say is, “Candy’s mad acting skills are brilliant!” — quoted from somewhere, I forget, but it might have been Candy’s blog…

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